Hey guys. Do you ever think about how much simpler things would be if we all spent more time trying to prevent bad things from happening, rather than reacting to them when they do?

There’s no guarantees in life, that’s for sure, and however well you look after yourself, it’s likely you’re going to get sick from time to time. But why is it that we only start boosting ourselves up with extra Vitamin C after we get sick?! Doesn’t it make so much more sense to eat well and supplement with nutrient boosters all the time, and prevent yourself from getting ill in the first place?!

For those who are already following the Wes Myron Fitness Elite Performance Lifestyle Plan, you’ll probably already have noticed how much better you feel within yourself simply by fueling your body properly. It’s such a little thing, to up your intake of fresh foods, and vitamins, but so many of us put it off then regret it when our lifestyles catch up with us.

The same goes for training. If you get injured through exercise, you’ll do everything you can to react and prevent any further damage. However this is likely to mean time out from training, physio sessions, or weeks of chiropractor visits to try and get everything back into alignment. All of this takes time, and can be super frustrating when all you want to do is get back to working out.

But imagine if you took that same amount of time, and invested it in your normal, day to day life, to prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. Much smarter, right? At Wes Myron Fitness, we try to make sure all our clients know how important it is to take the time to look after your body – whether that’s sports massage, chiro, or simply scheduling in proper rest days so your body can remain strong enough to cope with your training schedule.

If you’re set on changing your lifestyle up to live life at your best, have a think about what things you could be doing which are going to prevent, not react, to stresses. How’s your diet right now? How’s your body feeling – a little sore? Do you have a niggling injury which could do with a little attention? What it really comes down to is this: is don’t short change yourself. You’ve got to treat yourself and your body with the same respect you’d have for your best friend! If you invest time in caring for yourself properly, you’ll soon find that you spend way less time recovering and dealing with setbacks like illness and injury!

At Wes Myron Fitness, we want to help you make changes that last for the long term, and getting your mindset right to prevent, not react is crucial. If you’re interested in finding about more on how our program is helping loads of people just like you smash their fitness goals and get every aspect of their lives buzzing again, then get in touch, or check out the details of the plan. It will be the best decision you make today!




Wes Myron Fitness is based in Victoria, B.C. Canada. After playing hockey professionally Wes, along with a team of experts in sleep, nutrition and fitness, has now gone on to develop long term lifestyle and training programs for anyone wanting to improve all aspects of their life – the Elite Performance Lifestyle Plan. We work with all kinds of clients, and are excited to share with you some of the things we’ve learned along the way!

We’d love to hear your questions or ideas for blogs, so please do get in touch. You can also check out the Wes Myron Fitness Facebook page or Wes’s personal Instagram at @wes.myron as he will be dropping tips on there regularly. Nice to have you on board!

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