At Wes Myron Fitness we have the utmost respect for the brave men and women of the military. However, when people leave active service they can discover a world they don’t completely understand or relate to.

That’s what happened to Vinnie Dee after he left his service, throwing him into a state of uncertainty.

As often happens, it was health and fitness that gave the father of one the impetus and structure to go and achieve success in his second career.

We caught up with Vinnie in NYC to find out more about how he overcame the adversity.

Name: Vinnie Dee

Instagram: @Vinnie.dee

Location: Washington DC, USA

What’s your story?

I grew up playing sports. All my friends I made were people I met playing sports outside the house.

I joined the military after turning 18, where I met some of the most incredible people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. I grew up there and turned into a man. It was there I learned who I was after multiple deployments and meeting a wide range of people. It was an honor.

Currently I’m enjoying life as a personal trainer and dad.

I love helping people and being a good role model for my son. It really changes everything when you have that extra responsibility. He’s someone who emulates everything I do! The first time I noticed it was when he started deadlifting around 18 months. He even does all my stupid dances in between sets!

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What is the toughest adversity you’ve faced on your journey to living your best life, and how did you overcome this?

After leaving the military I had a rough time adjusting to the world I left behind for four years.

Everything and everyone was different. I basically stood still and felt my time had gone while the world keep moving. Cultures, society and times changed.

At first, I pretty much partied every night, be it with others or alone. And that’s when I basically saw a picture of myself one day and was about 50 pounds overweight and realized something needed to change.

I signed up at the gym the next day. Walked back and forth everyday to the gym and got back into sports. I moved to DC from New York and followed a similar path. Made all my friends playing sports or at the gym. Life is fantastic now. I work as a personal trainer, have my son, wife and dog, house and great group of friends.

What’s your goal for the next chapter?

The next chapter is pretty unknown at the moment. I’m enjoying the moment. I might start teaching more classes, doing more bootcamps. Realistically I just want to give back more positive energy to the world and improving people’s quality of life via fitness and the emotional, physical and psychological benefits.

I think parents will be where I focus more on in the future. I’m in the age group where people are starting to really have issues with their health, bouncing back from pregnancies and even difficulties getting pregnant. I think it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

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