You will have noticed a new wave of adventurers and explorers are starring across Instagram, showcasing the majesty of the planet Earth, and discovering new untouched places and knowledge.

This outdoor life is hard but deeply rewarding, and brings with it a myriad of extreme challenges – from logistics and sponsorship, through to mother nature raining down her worst.

We caught up with the Turner Twins to find out what this tough existence is all about, and how they cope with major adversity.

Name: Hugo and Ross Turner AKA The Turner Twins

Instagram handle : @theturnertwins

Location: all around the world!

What’s your story?

Ross: My brother and I have always had the adventurous gene, and pushed life to the limits even as kids. However, when Hugo was 17 he was involved in a diving accident sustaining a broken neck. It was touch and go for a while, but he pulled through.

Fortunately, after several months of recovery and a neck reconstruction he was very lucky to walk away, but it caused us both to really rethink what we wanted to do with our lives.

Quitting the life path we were on was never an option, but after this moment we decided to make every day count and support spinal research charities through our world first adventures.

To date we’ve been on a relentless ride of crazy expeditions from rowing the Atlantic, climbing mountains and crossing continents, raising awareness and funds for this hugely important cause.

Choose 5 photos that best sum up your current life:

What is the toughest adversity you’ve faced on your journey to living your best life, and how did you overcome this?

Hugo: You might think it was when I had my accident, but the truth is that I always knew deep down things would be ok.

However, getting to the start of any expedition is the toughest part of being an adventurer. It’s the hard graft nobody sees, the constant fear of failing to get an expedition off the ideas board, and the struggle with trying to live a ‘normal’ life is always a battle and one of the most stressful things.

I’d certainly say it’s our brotherhood that has kept us together which continues to give us strength day to day, month after month. Having completed – and failed several expeditions we are realizing that also being part of a team is is so important to achieving our goals.through anything.

What’s your goal for the next chapter?

Hugo & Ross: In simple terms we want to continue the discovery of new knowledge in order to help us look after our planet, improve our health and appreciate the natural wonders of our world.

We are so fortunate to live on this amazing life-giving planet, and we are both lucky to get to see so much of it  – in some of the most untouched by human existence places. It makes us appreciate what we all have so much.

We want to encourage people to get outside and enjoy adventures with friends family and loved ones.

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