Changing the world is what we here at Wes Myron Fitness aim to do every day. It’s our duty to make the most of every moment, and help others reach their potential to make their own impact – no matter what the world that person wants to change.

That’s why we were moved by Indian model, Khushboo Siddhiwala, who has faced so many obstacles in her quest to change the face of fashion.

We caught up with the model who is literally changing the shape of her industry, step by step.

Name: Khushboo Siddhiwala

Instagram handle : @khushboosiddhiwala

Location: Mumbai, India

What’s your story?

I am an international curvy model, on a mission to change the world.

My story started in 2007, when I was scouted to be the face of a brand. It was entirely new to me, as Indian culture has traditionally lacked understanding about what a fashion model should look like. The simple concept that fashion is for everyone, and not just about zero size girls has taken time to filter through society, because fashion IS more than that.

However, I persisted with my dream of changing hearts and minds, and won more brand contracts, building up a loyal following along the way.

Today, there is no doubt that my journey in the Indian Market has become tougher day by day. But, by sharing my story, I am proud to have raised awareness and knowledge about a wide range of modelling, and I feel now I have established myself in this career.

It’s now my responsibility to try each day to make it easier for other curvy models to come after me.

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What is the toughest adversity you’ve faced on your journey to living your best life, and how did you overcome this?


The challenges I have faced on this journey have been relentless, but I have stood firm in the face of them all.

I think the most extreme case was at the very beginning, when I’d had a little success, and now people in India were taking note. It was then I started to hear comments that told me I could not follow this path, and it wasn’t for people like me.

I will be honest – I failed everyday when I first encountered this, and I still fail every day since.

However, I made sure I was constantly dedicated to my craft, and let the work do the talking it.

It took time, but I told myself that after every night there is a day, and it was this positive thinking that paved the way to overcoming all obstacles.

I believe that hard work, 100% commitment, and a clear vision get you through anything.

What’s your goal for the next chapter?

My goal is to be world most influential curvy model/actress.

Fashion and storytelling should have has no bar or limitation towards body shape and color etc, and I will do my all to push for progressive change, to allow others to make their own mark in the world on their own talent and work ethic.

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