Pivoting away from what you know but isn’t serving you into a new career of uncertainty is something many people dream of, but few show up and do.

That’s what Dr Cacinda Maloney did, when she left the comfort of her chiropractic practice and entered the glamorous world of international travel writing.

We found out how she did it, and beat the voice in her head that said she couldn’t.

Name: Dr. Cacinda Maloney

Instagram: @PointsandTravel

Location: Phoenix AZ, USA (when I am there)

What’s your story?

22 years in the Chiropractic business burned me out. My life was on the rocks with overwork and unhappiness even though I was traveling every six weeks of my life.

I needed a way to find joy again. I started a website called PointsandTravel.com and within a year I went full-time into travel writing, blogging, and digital media.

A few years after that, Travelocity found me online and wanted me to be one of their 6 Travel Ambassadors. These people travel and create content for their website. Eventually, we added a few and lost a few, but now the “Gnational Gnomad” program has 12 Travel Ambassadors in 2019. We are the most well-traveled editorial board and content creators in the world! As for me, I travel the world looking for adventure, culture, and smart luxury travel experiences.

Choose 5 photos from your phone to sum up your current life:

What is your toughest adversity you have faced on your journey to living your best life, and how did you overcome this?

Fixing my life. I was a mass full of disappointment and struggling. I was working all the time. I was depressed, overweight, and angry about my life circumstance.

I overcame it by starting to go on adventures alone, where I had to rely on myself. Eventually, I began to find peace with myself, through changing my thoughts, which changed my emotions, and eventually, changed my life circumstance.

This led me to lose weight, be happier, do more self-care and realize my part in the pains of my past.

Before, I used to blame others for the problems in my life. Now I realize that I am in control of my own happiness and that I can choose to be happy or not. Changing my thoughts has been an eye-opening adventure. It is easy to think and rethink negative thoughts, it is work to change it to a more positive outlook. Today I can honestly say I am happier in my life.

What are your goals for the next chapter?

I will continue to work on my website, to increase my traffic, and to continue to build relationships with airlines, brands, hotels, tour companies, and tourism boards. I will continue to network and build PointsandTravel, where primarily I represent brands and work with them through paid campaigns and paid press trips. I will continue to travel the world, looking for those hidden gems and experiences to write about.

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