There are few things more inspiring in life than someone facing up to a massive challenge and staring it down to live life on their own terms. You’re gonna love the story of Ingrid, who suffered from crippling body dysmorphia, but by focussing on her health was able to not just overcome it, but to become a medal winning ultra runner!

Name: Ingrid T. Polini

Instagram handle: @ingridpolini

Location: Victoria, BC – Canada

What’s your story?

I suffered from body dysmorphia at a very young age, getting worst when I was 20 and had anorexia. I was always trying to obtain the “ideal” body and through that doing the craziest diets and not taking good care of myself at all.

So then, I started running to lose even more weight, but the thing is I realized I loved running more than I loved the idea of getting skinny. That is when running made me start eating again, and taking care of my health, so I could be stronger and run even more.

On that path I found out about veganism and the ethical aspect of eating animals and became vegan as well.

Today, I am a Holistic nutritionist, Vegan and an ultrarunner (training for 80km races). I learned how to see my body as a mean to do everything I want to, and not the goal. And as an incredible and powerful thing that is so resilient and capable of so much!

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What is the toughest adversity you’ve faced on your journey to living your best life, and how did you overcome this?

The toughest adversity was when I had anorexia. The only thing I could think about was getting thinner, and how to achieve that goal. It controlled my life and my relationships.

Realizing that I wasn’t just a body but a whole human being that deserved more than just living on other people’s expectations was life saving. I love how running took me through the journey of self knowledge and steam, and keeps teaching me so much about my limits and how to break them.

I got from being a woman that could only see her body as something that had to change and using exercise only for that purpose, to becoming someone that uses exercise as a way to get to her goals, and her body as a mean to get there, loving it and taking care of it so I can get to finish all my races and my goals.

What’s your goal for the next chapter?

I have so many of them! But my next chapter is getting stronger mentally for my first 100km, as well focusing on my nutrition and everything that I have learned so I can live a healthy life and do everything I have to do during the day (CEO of a company and full time student) as well as training strongly for those high demanding events.

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