Creativity can be the most expressive way of channeling the kind of strength that pulls you through tragedy, and that’s what happened to Californian DJ and singer Lizz Kim, after the loss of her band mate and best friend.

Through passion for success and desire to leave a legacy for Louis, she has come back stronger than ever, and has just dropped her new release, Freefall.

We met up with Lizz in LA to discuss how classical music connects with electronic and pop, and how she overcame the most difficult challenge.

Name: Lizz Kim

Instagram: @lizzkimkim

Location: Los Angeles, CA

What’s your story?

I am an opera singer that studied classical music most of her life while loving post hardcore and metalcore music.

As I got older I started to really fall in love with industrial, electronic, and pop music and wanted to start making music of my own. Then, I met Louis Conway at my school – he was studying classical bass and we became best friends and started “Ni Oko” – our industrial electro pop band.

As we started to build we started playing shows and took up DJing to build our set times. But then, after six years of Ni Oko Louis tragically passed away last year.

After his passing I started to create music on my own because I didn’t know how to cope otherwise. What else could I do besides create music and pray to keep my demons away? Thats how Lizz Kim Kim as an artist began.

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What is the toughest adversity you’ve faced on your journey to living your best life, and how did you overcome this?

Louis’ passing was definitely one of the most difficult things I have ever gotten though. I still struggle with it from time to time. He was probably the most influential person in my life besides my family. I never met someone who was so giving and selfless.

Everything I know about producing and Djing is from him. Losing your best friend and music partner of six years is really a mindfuck. I’ve been through a lot of shit, but to be honest nothing stuck like this.

Sometimes, I hear him telling me to keep going and continue to create music, just like he did when he was with me. He was a source of motivation and encouragement when I was depressed and I still feel like he does that today.

What’s your goal for the next chapter?

My goal is to continue getting better as a producer and songwriter and to dig deeper. Ive been making very happy songs to help offset my depression and to keep my mind in a more major tone rather than minor. I want to not be afraid of digging deeper and not be afraid to let myself break down. Music is therapy and it really does change your mindset and motivations. I want to get my feelings to make sense and really learn to overcome and grow as an artist.

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