Hey guys.

Life’s got a funny way of placing you on the right path.

I mean, I was literally on a path in a very rainy Times Square earlier this year, having just stepped out of my modelling agency on to the street, when a cab stopped right by me. The door opened and two dogs flew out on their leashes, with someone struggling to climb out with hands full of bags.

I went over to offer help and, it was under my umbrella, that I first met an amazing woman, Emily Gear – the Founder and President of the not-for-profit rescue shelter Louie’s Legacy. Emily was with two of the dogs from the shelter, and was clearly upset.

She told me that the two dogs had both just been rejected by potential adoption families for not being attractive enough. One of the dogs was an amazing chihuahua called Jerry that had had his fur burned off by his previous owner, and the potential adoption family rejected him for being “patchy”!

I couldn’t just let that go, so I told Emily I would love to do anything I could possibly do to help in the future.

We swapped details, and stayed in touch!

Soon after our paths crossed again, but this time on purpose! Two things had happened- Firstly, Emily kept getting more people rejecting dogs for appearance reasons, and my dog Reggie passed away with old age.

With my own dogs recent passing close to heart and Emily and her dogs needing help I decided to join in on an amazing campaign that Emily was starting out on! She was getting together a campaign featuring dogs that have all been rejected for the way they look, shot by the brilliant Mike Ruiz. The campaign is now running on billboards around NYC, and you can see images from the shoot below!

It’s a real honor to be a part of the campaign, but more importantly than anything else it’s made me determined to help get these dogs homed, and as many others as possible.

If you’re in the New York area and you can provide a loving home then please get in touch with the charity at louieslegacy.org.

I’ve met them all, and they each have their own unique personality, and will make amazing family members for the right people!

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