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Thanks so much for checking out Wes Myron Fitness – it’s really exciting for me to have a platform to share my health and fitness ideas with you all!

For those of you that don’t know me (and found the blog section before you found ‘About Me’), I’m Wes, a fitness coach based out of Victoria, British Columbia Canada!

I’m a big believer of life being for living, and that everyone can benefit from a healthy lifestyle and can improve all aspects of life by working on some really simple building blocks.

The biggest problem I see (and also regularly hear from my clients) is that the health and fitness advice that’s out there at the moment is so conflicting and it’s difficult to know who to believe. I know I’ve certainly had that problem at times, and I bet if right now you were to google “best way to get in shape” you’d get dozens of different experts and trainers trying to convince you that there way is not only best, but the only way to go.

Ever since I had to retire early from playing hockey, I’ve been learning about the human body and all aspects of health and fitness, and have trialled many products and programmes myself.

What I personally found was that so much of the information that’s available online is focussing purely on the short-term (e.g. how to lose xxx amount of weight in the quickest time) and rarely if at all addressing the actual reason for people being unhappy with their health and body in the first place! What always seems to be the case is that people can drop a dress size, or get beach ready by hammering their body to a level where they might be actually doing themselves harm long-term, but as soon as the summer is over, or the big event they were training for has passed – nothing has been put in place to address the underlying problem, and you can be sure that it’s only a matter of time before the weight goes back on and they’re back to their old bad habits!

This bugs me beyond belief because it’s all so unnecessary with a bit of forward planning! With my frustrations driving me to continue learning/gaining knowledge every day, over these past couple of years I’ve been developing my own program after much research into my four building block areas of Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise and Recovery.

I only focus on delivering long-term programs for my clients and have seen some amazing results so far.

I’ll be going into all of this in much more detail as we go, and look forward to interacting with you all and answering any questions throughout the course of me writing these blogs.

Anyway, that’s about enough from me for now, and thanks again for checking out my page. If you’ve got any questions or any requests for future blogs get in touch through the contact page!

I’ll be posting on here regularly, and hope to catch you back. In the meantime, make sure you check out my Instagram @wes.myron as I’ll be dropping some tips in there each week too.

Speak soon!


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