TV and radio broadcaster Shanie Ryan has presented on MTV, NBC, and Fashion TV, whilst hosting events for brands including Nike.

What makes this even more impressive is that this is her second career, after her years as a professional singer and dancer – working with artists as diverse as Kelly Rowland, Prince, and Lil Wayne.

We caught up with Shanie to find out her Focus Five.

WHO: in your life inspires you?

I am inspired by anyone who is putting themselves out there and being proactive in achieving what they want and also anyone who always makes the most of an opportunity no matter how big or small.

WHAT: does your big goal look like?

I like to set myself mini goals to help achieve my larger goals.

I recently listened to a podcast called ‘ The Impact Theory’ by Jason Bilyeu. One of his podcast guests encouraged setting goals weekly on a Friday. She said to set 3 goals under three categories; ‘Self” ‘Career’ and ‘Relationships’. Not only can you set small manageable goals that work towards your bigger goal, you also encourage and actively work towards having a work / life balance by including the ‘self’ and ‘relationship’ goals.

My big career goal for this year is to get one of my TV show ideas commissioned for a series and to present that show, I would also love to get a day time slot on radio.

Personally I want to travel more with my partner Tony, my friends and my family. Keep up with my fitness and maybe even push myself to squeeze in 4 sessions a week instead of three. Tony and I also want to buy our third investment property as we dream of having a healthy property portfolio.

3. WHEN: can you take another step towards success?

I think I am always taking steps toward my success. Whether that is working out three times a week to stay in shape for work, listening to podcasts that help me to have a healthy mindset, writing for my blog, attending networking events, meeting with people who can help my career or creating my own content and work. I am always proactive in trying to step towards more success within my career.

4. WHERE: you’ve visited that drives you to achieve?

LA is always fascinating as everyone is a go getter and is super confident in their talents.

When ever I leave there I consciously work on my own self confidence. But equally if you hang out at the BFI in London for an afternoon you will see writers and actors working on their craft / scripts and ideas and the energy there is very creative.

5. WHY: a memory of something you’ve done and WHY it pushes you to keep going?

Back when I was a professional dancer I featured in and filmed the Ministry of Sound work out DVD. It was the most physically challenging job that I did in my dance career. I wanted to quit every single day, my body was in so much pain and I picked up some terrible injuries along the way.

However I learnt if you just keep pushing yourself beyond what you feel is your limit, you still…. almost always have another 10% in the tank to get you over the finish line. Basically don’t give up!

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