Perspective is a wonderful thing. It provides you with clarity of thought, and an understanding of just how fortunate you are, no matter how many things seem to be against you.

That’s what today’s FOCUS ZONE interviewee Lewis Bailey discovered when he was serving in the military, and realized the levels of poverty many people in the world survive in. It helped shape his world view that everyone needs a clear purpose to get the most out of their own life.

We caught up with the fitness entrepreneur to find out his Focus Five.

1. WHO: in your life inspires you?

I have many role models who inspire me in different fields, each providing world-class knowledge, strategies and influence to which I’m grateful to learn and apply to my world. I think Simon Sinek is currently most influence to me at present, his passion and expertise for running a purposed based business is in complete alignment of who I am.

2. WHAT: does your big goal look like?

It’s huge lol, following on from the last question, I focus on my purpose in life which is to help across the world develop a strong mind, healthy body and a life of deep fulfilment. Everything I do each day keeps me moving in this direction no matter how painful or mundane so things can be life becomes much easier when you are following your purpose.

3. WHEN: can you take another step towards success?

This happens everyday for me. Each morning I review my list of objectives of the day which all ultimately towards my goals. I set out consistent short-term life goals to which, all goals lead me towards my purpose. Everyday I take one step closer!

4. WHERE: you’ve visited that drives you to achieve?

2 places – Kenya is one place I visited when serving with Her Majesty’s armed forces and seeing poverty the people were living in inspired me to make a difference in the world. Jamaica is a place I recently visited, my family roots are in Jamaica and I immediately fell in love with the place, the relaxed, very friendly culture and beautiful island motivated me set up my future health & fitness retreats there.

5. WHY: a memory of something you’ve done and WHY it pushes you to keep going?

There’s been many, and they have all been based on the results of my clients who all feedback to me how much I have helped transform their mind, body and life. These positive events have given me the firm belief and realisation that I have the skills, experience, knowledge and attitude that can truly have an impact on peoples lives.

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