Life can be stressful, no matter how clear you get your focus and motivation. However, life’s better when you get balanced, and it’s rare to meet someone quite as chilled as the stress-free lifestyle blogger, Cyntra Charlesworth, who lives her life by four clear principles – balance, explore, nourish, and style.

These elements keep Cyntra centralized in a busy city, so we set out to discover her Focus Five, and learn more about keeping cool when the heat’s on.

WHO: in your life inspires you?

This answer does change from week to week but the people in my life who truly inspire me are the ones who are fiercely authentic in following their dreams. The ones who don’t just seek for money and comfort but those who graft their way to follow their passion whether it be life coaching or selling organic baked goods at markets. When the passion is the absolute source of their drive I find that truly inspiring.

WHAT: does your absolute achievement look like?

Achievement for me is something that comes in baby steps. Big goals I often find lead me to procrastinating and therefore my absolute achievement would be doing something 1% better than everyone else everyday and then looking back 5 years later to see the bigger result. That and buying an Aston Martin soft top Roadster.

WHEN: is the next opportunity to take another step in the right direction towards your success?

When your gut tells you to do so. There are opportunities given to you nearly everyday but sometimes these may not always be in your best interests. Make sure you listen to what feels right for you as you know that is where you will be able to thrive in moving forward in a way that creates positive stress and not negative.

WHERE: you’ve visited that drives you to achieve your end goal?

Future Technology Thought Leadership seminars. I am totally engaged and inspired by looking at the tech of the future and thinking about how we can use that now to be in a place that sets you up for success when the probably becomes the possible.

WHY: a memory of something you’ve done and WHY it pushes you to keep chasing after your dream?

Moving to the other side of the world – challenging my sense and need of security. The challenge has taught me that nothing is ever to far away for you to try. There is always more to discover if you push your boundaries. Many of us put limits on what we are capable of as we are too nervous to step out of our comfort zone and in doing so inhibit what we could potentially achieve.

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