Fashion and beauty blogger and influencer, Cristina Scotti has carved out a niche with her South American inflected content, showcasing her individual style and glamorous international lifestyle.

However, it’s her message that resonates with her fans, as she promotes a strong and independent female voice, advocating for women’s rights and opportunities.

We caught up with the fashionista activist to find out her Focus Five.

WHO: in your life inspires you?

Honestly, I can’t say that only one person has inspired me. The truth it is that I find inspiration every day in different situations and in every single person that surrounds me.

First of all, my parents that taught me to have faith no matter what, to work hard and never give up, and always be kind to everyone without bias.

My amazing husband that is an example of determination and hard work; He inspires me to be true to myself and have the courage to go for what makes me happy without caring what people have said.

And, finally, my daughter’s unconditional love gives me strength to fight, fight and fight.

Therefore, I believe my life is constantly inspired and marked by different situations and by people’s stories who faced challenging situations and turned them into a positive and successful life.

WHAT: does your absolute achievement look like.

Leading by example!

I want to be able to bring a message to all the woman out there to believe the power within. I want to create a legacy were every woman believes in themselves, and that their aspirations and dreams are worthy to being said.

I want to bring a message of empowerment, to show them that we don’t have to follow and be marked by stereotypes. That we women can be able to accomplish great thing disregarding color, size, age or culture, and that the real power is in our minds and the real beauty is our soul. That we are in charge of or destiny and that we are the captains of our ships – we decide our path and nobody can tell you were to go, only you.

WHEN: is the next opportunity to take another step in the right direction towards your success?


I truly believe that every day is the right day to create the opportunities that lead us to live the life we want. Every step that we take, every decision that we make, is a step closer for bigger and better outcomes.

WHERE: you’ve visited that drives you to achieve your end goal?

I honestly believe there is no one place that drives me to achieve my end goal. I think it is a combination of unique experiences lived in different places and different moments of my life.

This allows me to see the beauty of the world and the amazing things that we humans can create. Each particular place teaches you a lesson and inspires you in a unique way. Therefore, what drives me to achieve my goals is being present, grateful for this moment, for this second, and for this opportunity I possess.

WHY: a memory of something you’ve done and why it pushes you to keep chasing after your dream?

When I overcame my eating disorders, and pushed myself to live a healthier lifestyle – conquering the idea of perfection.

When I was finally able to look myself in the mirror and love the person I saw, still gives me the strength to continue leading by example to this day.

Knowing that no matter how bad or how dark a situation looks like there is always a light at the end of the tunnel is a very powerful driver. I really think that every challenge in your life doesn’t happen without a reason, and there is a lesson to help us grow and help others with our experiences to conquer fears.

Thanks to painful situations we become who we are, we learn to honor our life, our body and our souls, and live with intention focusing on becoming the best version of ourselves.

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