Moving to a new country, particularly one where you don’t speak the language, can be one of the most challenging things to overcome.

That’s what up and coming influencer and content creator, Alani LaMonica discovered when she relocated to Spain to start her new career as a social media sensation.

We caught up with her to find out what motivates her to push herself.

WHO: in your life inspires you?

My other half Ambrose Zaldua. He has inspired me everyday since we met, with his determination, passion, and talents. And he still continues to everyday! I see how hard he works to achieve his goals and dreams, and it fuels the motivation I already have even more.

He always pushes me to keep going after my dreams and makes sure I put the time in for my passions. As well as to never give up and do what makes me happy.

Together we work towards success and continue to inspire each other. We always help each other to be the best we can, and continue to give each other ideas to improve and reach higher.

WHAT: does your big goal look like?

My big goal honestly is to earn money doing what I love and what makes me happy. Is that very cliche? 😅

Right now I’m working towards growing as an Influencer, Photographer, and YouTuber. A nice all in one package! I want to expand to include singer and musician as those are also my passions.

I am working towards putting more time for each and being as creative and aesthetic as possible while putting my own unique twist on it all.

I would really love to build up a huge community/fan base full of laughter, support and friends.

WHEN: can you take another step towards success?

All the time! I feel like every little effort or action I put into motion towards my dreams and goals is one step closer. Everything counts, and the more you do and the more time you put towards that end goal, the faster you get there.

And the same goes for everyone. Anyone can go ahead right now, and take another step towards success. They just need to think of what they’re aiming for and what they can do in this moment to make progress.

Never give up on your dreams. You can achieve them! That is something I believe immensely in.

WHERE: you’ve visited that drives you to achieve?

Spain! 🇪🇸 and the internet…

So I’ve visited Spain a few times over the past couple years and every time it has brought so much positivity, fun, and happiness in my life. It just made me want to work harder to be able to move out there one day. And now here I am! I was given an amazing opportunity to be out here and it has been the best place I’ve lived in my life.

Moving here pushed me to figure out a way to earn money online so I can work from home. As well as, now I have so much free time to put towards my passions. And I have a LOT of passions.

It has also helped me get in better shape health wise as I have more time to do yoga and exercise. And the food here is amazing and allows me to eat so much healthier.

As for the internet, when I go on there, it also gives me so many new ideas and so much energy because I get excited when I see other people doing amazing things. Then I’m like, “Yes! I can do that too!” It’s really such a boost of adrenaline in a way, that gets me going to make more projects happen.

WHY: a memory of something you’ve done and WHY it pushes you to keep going?

Well at the start of this new year, I put a lot more time into working as an influencer, into growing my social media, and being creative. I have seen results, and pretty big results too that I wasn’t expecting.

It’s opened a lot more opportunities for me and I really do see a brighter future with the more steps I take in that direction.

Even in other things such as exercise and learning Spanish. When I make an effort, even a little one, I see pretty awesome results. And it is absolutely so rewarding and motivating to feel those results!

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