International model Agata Mazur found fashion fame when she left her native Poland.

Today, she travels the world shooting for some of the world’s most interesting and daring brands, whilst her business background gives her an edge over many of her contemporaries.

We met up with Agata to discover her Focus Five.

WHO: in your life inspires you?

I admire athletes for their discipline, physical and mental strength and ability to rise from failures.

My all time role model is Rafa Nadal, who is extremely hard working, always a fighter, overcoming multiple injuries throughout his way to the championships, proving mind over matter.

I look up to models with brains, who succeeded as businesswomen as well. A great example is Heidi Klum – on top of her modelling career she became a TV star by hosting Project Runway. She’s also a designer, I love her lingerie line!

WHAT: does your big goal look like?

My biggest goal is expanding my mind and becoming the best version of myself, pushing my own boundaries and finding new ways to fulfil my life purpose.

As a model you need to network a lot and search for new collaboration opportunities. I always try to meet new people and think of the ways we can work together. Working with brands that stand for similar values as I do, promote positive and healthy living is the most enjoyable.

In my daily routine I focus on eating healthy and working out regularly as nothing affects my mood more and the looks, of course, as well.

3. WHEN: can you take another step towards success?

No-one is ever 100% ready. I believe that waiting for the perfect moment only slows us down.

The present moment is the only time we can act and even the smallest step in the right direction can bring us closer to fulfilling our dreams.

4. WHERE: you’ve visited that drives you to achieve?

Around the world

Travelling is something I’ve always been passionate about, every place I’ve been to thought me something new and inspired to find more opportunities to see new countries and explore.

My head

I believe that we need to tune in and listen to ourselves in order to find focus and balance. I meditate and practice yoga regularly, which helps to keep my mind calm and fight everyday stress and anxieties.

Wherever you are

These days world became much smaller – we can work and study remotely from pretty much anywhere, which means there is always something we can do regardless of where we are based.

5. WHY: a memory of something you’ve done and WHY it pushes you to keep going?

After I graduated in my hometown Krakow, I started a regular job in marketing for a few months yet I wasn’t happy. Comfort zone was never for me, I always wanted to travel, live in different cities and see the world.

Moving to London on my own and pursuing a modelling career seemed risky, but I knew that I needed to try.

It’s been a tough road full of ups and downs, but also wonderful adventures.

My business degree also came in handy – I worked for a startup at some point, and also as a marketing consultant for several companies.

The experience gained, memories and friends I made will be with me forever and made the risk worthwhile. I still don’t know where I’m going to end up but I’m excited about all the adventures ahead.

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