In the second of the Focus Zone Series, Wes meets international model turned psychologist and
entrepreneur, Silja Litvin to discover her Focus Five.

Silja’s story is remarkable, as she turned her back on a life of glamorous travel and parties in the model scene to retrain as a psychologist. However, when she realized she could not treat everyone that needed help with their mental health she created a fun app game called eQuoo, which actively helps players with their own wellbeing.

Today, Silja and her app are the talk of the mental health industry, with Silja splitting her time between Berlin, London, and speeches around the world.

WHO: in your life inspires you?

I really look up towards the Gottman couple. Drs Julie and John Gottman are pioneers in research and very good business people as well. Plus, their evidence based couples consulting is ground breaking.

WHAT: does your absolute achievement look like?

I would like everyone (in the world) to know that eQuoo, our emotional fitness game exists so that they can choose to either use it or not, but at least know that emotional and mental wellbeing is just a click away and that it can be fun.

WHEN: is the next opportunity to take another step in the right direction towards your success?

NOW. Always now. Every moment is a step towards growth and an opportunity to overcome challenges. If you’re not working on yourself now, when will you?

WHERE: you’ve visited that drives you to achieve your end goal?

I always find myself coming back to ‘me’ to find more strength and drive than I had though I had. Constantly working on my personal development allows me to discover endless pockets of strength that allow me to keep going.

WHY: a memory of something you’ve done and WHY it pushes you to keep chasing after your dream?

While I was working as a therapist I was often disheartened and frustrated because I could only help a certain amount of clients at a time. Seeing people in pain, not getting the help they need was unacceptable. I was not scalable, so I made something that was.

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