Fitness entrepreneur and model, Rosie Robinson has that quality of complete certainty about her future that you can only achieve when you commit fully to your dream.

We caught up with the founder of ROAR JUICE to discover her Focus Five.

WHO: in your life inspires you?

I’m not inspired by a particular individual. Inspiration comes from different people – my partner, family, friends – all for different reasons and at different times.

I’m also inspired by my own life, both success & failure. Both just as important – we learn from our failures, which drives us to be successful and as long as you do learn from your mistakes, you will always achieve personal growth.

WHAT: does your absolute achievement look like?

I have numerous things I want to achieve and of course I will if I continue to work hard and keep the vision in my mind.

I find it so important to have a goal to work towards – if not you can sometimes find yourself going round in circles.

My absolute achievement is to open more ROAR JUICE shops, grow my online fitness and nutrition business and get mine and my business partner’s clothing line up and running, making it a huge success AND being able to have fun along the way is a MUST.

That’s the business side of things of course. Personal growth is always a priority, having down time with loved ones, travelling the world when I want, finally and most importantly creating a beautiful little family with my partner. I’m excited for motherhood and I know I will just adore being a Mum! So a mixture of both business and personal.

WHEN: is the next opportunity to take another step in the right direction towards your success?

I think once your business is established and you think you’ve got it figured out, maybe it’s time to challenge yourself to then take that next step forward.

Don’t forget to remind yourself of why you want to pursue this goal. Consider how it fits your interests, values, and the life you want to lead. It’s also important to find that balance if you’ve got more than one business. Be clever with your time.

I’m in the process of looking to expand ROAR JUICE, which definitely feels like the right time for me personally. I want to keep the momentum going.

WHERE: you’ve visited that drives you to achieve your end goal

Different places for different reasons, I think.

When I travel, I feel recharged, which is lovely as I’m ready to get stuck into work once I’m back, also appreciative being in whichever country or place I’m in.

This certainly drives me to work harder so I can experience more moments like them. Crossing paths with people from all walks of life inspires me, different cultures, foods, the history of that particular. Travelling opens my mind, feeds my soul and helps me become more of a rounded person.

WHY: a memory of something you’ve done and WHY it pushes you to keep chasing after your dream?

I haven’t necessarily got a memory, but just more of a vision.

From a young age I always wanted to work for myself, to be independent was always important to me. I’m driven and hungry for it. It’s so rewarding working hard for something and then seeing it come together, seeing your vision come to life is just magical. I love that feeling and that’s exactly what keeps me going.

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