For nearly a century, pilates has changed bodies and minds around the world with its total health workout principles.

We met up with leading pilates guru, Jessi Albin in San Francisco to find out her Focus Five.

WHO: in your life inspires you?


Jill Harris is a dear friend and pilates instructor whose imagination and creativity are an endless source source of joy. Her invention the FitSprings brings functionality into pilates. She was one of the first people in the San Francisco fitness scene that I felt connected to and she’s totally my girl crush.

My niece and nephew inspire me for the future. Watching them at play reassures my belief that movement should be playful and fun. They also remind me that we should never lose the child like wonder when approaching new things.

WHAT: does your absolute achievement look like?


Being remembered favorably by all those who I encounter. my definition of success in life is measured by how I make people feel.

Money and power have led many to turn their backs on what really should matter. When I started my career in fitness my one goal was to help as many people as possible feel great about themselves. And it still is :).

WHEN: is the next opportunity to take another step in the right direction towards your success?


It is always your actions today that determine your tomorrow. The time is always now.

Every accomplishment in my life from becoming a trainer, or a video creator or a fire dancer – I wish I started sooner!

Every day is a new beginning and a new chance to chase or re create your dream life.

WHERE: you’ve visited that drives you to achieve your end goal?


The beaches of Thailand!

I hope to retire there some day. Thailand is known as the land of smiles. Wherever I was in that country I was greeted with grins from ear to ear. Being a native New Yorker I have witnessed enough nasty looks for a life time and I am always smiling at strangers. What I noticed in Thailand was that the smiles were not fake. There was a warmth behind their eyes that just cannot be faked. I truly believe that this kindness towards s stranger can make a huge difference in the world.

WHY: a memory of something you’ve done and WHY it pushes you to keep chasing after your dream?


Going to Burning Man. When I started going over 12 years ago I was a city chick who knew nothing about camping. Now I can pitch a tent with guy wires and a shade structure to withstand 60 mph winds.

I love seeing how artists can bring thousands of pounds of materials to the desert. Build an art piece and burn it after a few days of it finally being pieced together. If that can be accomplished then anything I put my mind to can be as well.

Additionally the sense of community and creativity are so strong when 60,000 people build the third largest city in Nevada for the week it exists

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