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We’ve been talking to some of our clients this week about why it’s super important to be mindful of what we’re actually putting in our bodies.

For those of you who are already following the Elite Performance Lifestyle Plan, you’ll know how important it is to fuel your body with really great nutrition. With our combined years of training, we’ve learned from the best how to put together an effective meal plan, which gives the body everything it needs to work and train to the max.

However, even if you’re following a meal plan, there can still be room for confusion. We get a lot of questions from our clients about whether they really need to be choosing organic products, or if they can get the same results with lower grade or sometimes cheaper ingredients. If you’ve never cooked a lot from scratch, the range of products to choose from can be a little overwhelming at first, so how do we know which foods to choose?

It comes down to this – if you put the best in, you’ll get the best out! We always advise clients to choose the very best produce they can find, and in most cases this will mean organic. So what is organic food, and why is organic food important for good nutrition?

Organic foods are ones grown or reared without the use of synthetic chemicals like pesticides or herbicides. Organic fruit and veg varieties will also be free from artificial genetic modifications (called ‘non-GMO’). GMO foods stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, and are plants (or animals) which have had their DNA artificially changed in ways which can’t occur in nature. This process can be used to increase crop yields, and keep up with modern farming demands.

For livestock, being organic means the animals are free from artificial growth hormones, antibiotics and fed a natural diet, and will have been free to roam outdoors. Many non-organic herds are treated with artificial hormones to speed up growth (and therefore profit!) and fed a mixture of grains or other animal by products, which can increase the risk of disease in the food chain. To counteract this, many non-organic animals will also have been treated with antibiotics. This is contributing to antibiotic resistance globally, which is a massive problem.

Now most people would never knowingly choose to eat pesticides, but when you choose non-organic produce, this can be the case! Even with thorough washing, the harmful chemicals used in modern farming can accumulate in the body. Getting good quality protein in your diet is so important for building muscle, which is why we always recommend clients look for organic, grass fed meat. Studies have shown that organic and grass fed meat and milk can actually be richer in certain nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids than traditionally reared alternatives.

When you choose organic and non GMO foods, you’re also making a better choice for the environment too. The traditional synthetic pesticides and weedkillers used in modern farming can have a devastating effect on surrounding wildlife. Organic farming methods use less energy, conserve the soil fertility better and reduce overall pollution much more effectively than other methods. Who wouldn’t want to make that choice?!

Finally, you’ll probably find once you start shopping organic that the foods you’re eating are much fresher too. Organic foods don’t contain artificial preservatives, which means they’ll be on the shelves for a much shorter time. When food is fresh, nutritionally it’s at its best – and tastes great too! For anyone new to shopping non-GMO, and organic, you won’t want to look back once you realize how much fresher, better tasting and better for you these foods are. If you’re serious about making a change for a healthier lifestyle, you definitely need to make the switch. Trust us, you won’t regret it!


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