Hi, I’m Wes. As a former professional athlete I’m here to help you achieve your peak performance in health and fitness. I believe the secret to success is clear objectives and great coaching. My innovative personalized Goal Plans will deliver the routine to achieve your fitness goals and change your life forever!


From learning to skate at the age of three I was determined to become a pro ice hockey player. Fast-forward a few years and I was up at 5am to train before school, stayed the course through negativity and distraction, and did whatever it took to perform at my best. Sure enough I was fortunate to get drafted by the Vancouver Canucks, my local NHL team.

However, life throws curve balls sometimes, and I picked up a series of injuries, which ended my pro career at the age of 22.

It was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced. However, looking back I realized how lucky I was to have had not only the best possible fitness and motivation training for twenty years, but also the opportunity to spend countless hours with quality sports-rehab professionals. It was then I realized I had the building blocks for a method that could help anyone achieve their peak physical, mental, and life performance.

I devoted my time to learning as much as I could in my base areas of focus and motivation, fitness, nutrition, and sleep and recovery, spending as much time as I could with experts in all these areas.

I lived my life by these principles, trialling everything and keeping the parts that worked.

Soon friends and family were asking for help and guidance. This was followed by my first paid clients, which were followed by a series of very successful men and women all seeking the competitive advantage that will allow them to achieve their very best.

Today I am lucky enough to work with these kinds of clients, many of whom are based near me in British Columbia, Canada, but others who are around the world, with my method providing the foundation of their health and fitness, and, ultimately, success.


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